Dec 12-13 2017

Here's your mid-week brief covering the recent migration and refugee related developments in and around Turkey (Dec 12-13)
By Y. Emre Küçükkaya; PhD Candidate in International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

The European Commission will allocate 700 million euros ($825 million) to assist refugees in Turkey. (Sputniknews)
"The Commission has announced today additional humanitarian aid for two major projects through the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, that both work by providing monthly transfers on a special debit card. €650 million goes to the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) which is implemented by the World Food Programme. A further €50 million will boost the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) project implemented by UNICEF," the press release said.

PEW Research Center's survey indicates that  on the issue of allowing Syrian refugees into their country, people in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon are strongly in favor of letting in fewer, with many volunteering “none” as the best option. In addition, within the region, many say that Turkey plays a more important role. People in Turkey and Jordan are the most likely to say Turkey’s role in the region has grown. Israel is the only country where a plurality says Turkey has lost influence over the past decade.

The president of the European council, Donald Tusk, will tell EU leaders at a summit on Thursday that mandatory quotas have been divisive and ineffective, in a clear sign that he is ready to abandon the policy that has created bitter splits across the continent.
He will also urge EU leaders to spend more on schemes aimed at keeping refugees and would-be migrants outside Europe, such as €3bn for Syrian refugees in Turkey and the €1.9bn EU Africa trust fund. The EU will confront an earlier promise to give Turkey’s government a further €3bn to help Syrian refugees in early 2018, which could lead to a repeat of EU institutions asking governments to find more cash. (Guardian)

-Over 1,500 undocumented migrants captured in anti-human trafficking ops across Turkey (Daily Sabah)

-Greece will speed up the relocation of thousands of refugees and migrants from its overcrowded islands to the mainland before the onset of winter after reaching a deal with Turkey, a key ally in helping to tackle Europe's migration crisis, government sources said. (nrttv)

-UN and partners seek US$4.4 billion to aid Syria refugeesFunding appeal launched to support over 5 million Syrians exiled by seven years of brutal conflict as well as the vulnerable communities hosting them (UNHCR)

-Film about refugees 'Purple Horizons' wins 15 awards. Written and directed by Olgun Özdemir, "Purple Horizons" tells the survival efforts of a young girl called Meryem who lost all of her family members in the Aegean Sea as their boat sank while trying to escape from the war in Syria. (Daily Sabah)

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