Dec 25-28, 2017 Mid-Week Brief

Hello and Happy Holidays from Ankara,

Here's your mid-week brief covering the recent migration and refugee related developments in and around Turkey (Dec 25-28)
By Y. Emre Küçükkaya; PhD Candidate in International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

EU refugee aid enters new phase in Turkey: Take a look at Deutsche Welle's report on the EU-Turkey deal which "aims to stop irregular migration from Turkey to Europe while improving the living conditions of refugees within Turkish borders." 

[New York Times] Assad Must Go, Says Turkey’s Leader, Seeking Leverage as War Winds Down
Turkey’s leader denounced President Bashar al-Assad of Syria on Wednesday as a terrorist mass murderer with no place in that country’s postwar future, scrapping a softened approach that Turkish officials had taken toward Mr. Assad in recent years.

The statement by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey came as Mr. Assad seemed more confident than ever that he has won the war and will remain Syria’s leader for the foreseeable future. It also came against the backdrop of maneuvering by many powers — most notably Russia and Iran, Mr. Assad’s most important allies — to influence the outcome of a devastating conflict that has reshaped Middle East politics. [READ MORE]

Turkey: Over 100,000 foreign children get financial aid. The Anadolu Agency reports that the Family and Social Policy Ministry has provided a total of 25.6 million Turkish liras ($6.6 million) of financial aid to 136,000 foreign children since October 2017.
Sex education offers Syrian women the chance of a better life: Female Syrian refugees take part in a workshop on sexual health, held in the living room of a volunteer, where many attendees said that they had never received any formal education about reproductive health, sex and childbirth. The workshop takes place at the home of a friend of Ahlam al-Milaji whose charity Zenobia was set up to educate and empower refugee women living in Gaziantep, Southern Turkey. [READ MORE] 


This briefing has been brought to you by AIMS Turkey (the Ankara Initiative for Migration Studies). AIMS Turkey is a brand-new non-profit research project which intends to probe the refugee crisis in Turkey with innovative and efficient research methods and thereby support practitioners and academics who deal with the issue.

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