February 1-7 Mid-Week Brief

Hello from Ankara,

Here's your mid-week brief covering the recent migration and refugee related developments in and around Turkey (Feb 1-7)
By Y. Emre Küçükkaya; PhD Candidate in International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

Istanbul Bilgi University's Center for Migration Research has released a survey this week named "Dimensions of Polarization in Turkey". The findings reveal that while the citizens disagree on many other political and social issues, most of them share a similar opinion about refugees. 

86.2 per cent of the Turkish population thinks that the Syrians in Turkey should be sent back to their country, the survey suggests (with 83,2 per cent of the governing AKP's supporters). 

Besides, the respondents have also seen the presence of Syrian refugees in Turkey as the 6th biggest problem of the country following unemployment, terror, inflation, poverty, and education. [READ THE SURVEY] 

Syrian refugees 'at risk of being pushed to return'
[Al Jazeera] "Six aid agencies have warned that hundreds of thousands of Syrians are at risk of being pushed to return in 2018, despite ongoing violence in the Middle Eastern country." Their report argues that "Turkey (along with Jordan) deported refugees to Syria in 2017" but also adds that "the conditions (in Turkey) that are leading refugees to return are far from clear". It notes that Syrians are requested to sign a voluntary return paper, at the same time surrendering Temporary Protection IDs/preregistration documents." 

The report also mentions that more than 64% of Syrians refugees in Turkey are living
in poverty[READ THE REPORT]  


This briefing has been brought to you by AIMS Turkey (the Ankara Initiative for Migration Studies). AIMS Turkey is a new not-for-profit and non-political research project which intends to probe the refugee crisis in Turkey with innovative and efficient research methods and thereby support practitioners and academics who deal with the issue.

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