Feb24-March1 Mid-Week Brief

Hello from Ankara,

Here's your mid-week brief covering the recent migration and refugee related developments in and around Turkey (Feb 24- March 1)
By Y. Emre Küçükkaya; PhD Candidate in International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

  • A report published by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) holds that humanitarian aid workers in Syria (especially in the southern part of the country) have abused women and delivered aid to them in exchange for sexual activity.  
      The BBC reached officials in the region and found out that "the exploitation is so widespread that some Syrian women are refusing to go to distribution centres because people would assume they had offered their bodies for the aid they brought home." [Read more] 

  • UNICEF Turkey has published its monthly report. The overview indicates that nearly 67 per cent of Syrian refugees live below the poverty line and many in shelters with insufficient water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities and inadequate protection against poor weather. It is estimated that over 350,000 Syrian children remain out of school and face challenges such as lack of awareness about available services, language barriers, socio-economic obstacles, and dropout at the secondary school level. [Read more on Reliefweb] 

  • Turkish officials say that refugee returns are expected after the Afrin operation in Northern Syria, Al Jazeera reports. "Turkey will try to enhance the infrastructure and resources in Afrin after it is secured for them to return," said Yasin Aktay, a chief adviser to President Erdogan. 
  •   "We know that many Syrian refugees in Turkey want to return home if a secure environment is established in their region of origin. However, others prefer to stay in Turkey until the whole country is secured," Aktay told Al Jazeera. [Read more] 


    -Photography: How the European winter hits refugee lives (British Journal of Photography)  

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