[Mid-Week Brief] Vol. 24

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Here's your mid-week brief covering this week's migration-related developments and stories in and around Turkey. (vol. 24) 
By Y. Emre Küçükkaya; PhD Candidate in International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Ankara

[Center for American Progress] Turkish Public Opinion Toward the European Union

A recent survey conducted by Max Hoffman reveals significant data on the opinions of Turkish people regarding the EU in general and the EU-Turkey refugee deal in specific. Here are some results and snapshots from the study. [Read the whole study here]

Q: Was the refugee deal between Turkey and the EU a good deal?
Yes: 35 percent No: 62 percent

Q: Has Turkey fulfilled its obligations under the refugee deal with the EU?
Yes: 53 percent No: 33 percent

Q: Has the EU fulfilled its obligations under the refugee deal with Turkey?
Yes: 10 percent No: 76 percent
[Daily Sabah]: Number of illegal migrants intercepted at sea rises in 2018 

Turkey says it has stopped more than 19,685 people (many of them being Syrians) attempting to illegally reach European shores by sea so far this year. Turkish Coast Guard Command also declares that this figure was 15,540 throughout the year 2018. As part of the refugee deal between the EU and Turkey, Ankara is expected to take necessary security measures to prevent the illegal crossings from Turkey to Europe by sea or land.

-[TheNational.Scot]: "Hungary’s PM plans to dominate EU with an anti-migrant agenda"  by Umut Korkut
-[The Transnational Institute]: "The Rise of Border Imperialism" by Nick Buxton and Mark Akkerman,
-[Chatham House]: "Coming Home to Syria" by Allaa Barri
-[NY Times]: "‘Better to Drown’: A Greek Refugee Camp’s Epidemic of Misery" by Patrick Kingsley
-[Independent]: "(UK) Government's treatment of child refugees under Dubs scheme broke law, Court of Appeal rules" by May Bulman
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