Brief 29

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Here's your weekly brief covering this week's migration-related developments and stories in and around Turkey. (Brief 29)

By Y. Emre Küçükkaya, Visiting Research Fellow, Glasgow Caledonian University

3 Greek NGOs Publish A Report on Informal Push- Back Practices in Greece Alongside the Evros (Meriç) River

In the wake of the tragic deaths of four refugees last week on the Greek-Turkish border, three Greek NGOs, the Greek Council for Refugees, the ARSIS Association for the Social Support of Youth and HumanRights360, have released a compilation of 39 testimonials. The report "The new normality: Continuous push-backs of third country nationals on the Evros river" reveals that these 39 people who attempted to cross the border are the nationals of various countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt. Many of them reportedly state that the perpetrators wore black or green uniforms, spoke Greek to each other and were armed while some also mention the use of violence and seizures of personal belongings (money, phones, documents, clothes and shoes) The report in English has more details.

A Flood of Refugees Tests Turkey’s Tolerance:

Bloomberg's Selcan Hacaoglu says that while Turkey hosts the largest refugee population in the world, it even faces a new influx of millions nowadays due to the recent events. "It’s facing a huge challenge integrating so many young people who escaped war zones, with the accompanying risk of radicalization....Most Syrian refugees are poor and willing to work for less than the locals, stoking anger at cheap competition. And Turks already disaffected by a plummeting currency and consumer inflation near a 15-year high now face higher rental prices due to demand from Syrians." Hacaoglu reports.

The news story by Ayse Karabat also points out the victimization of Syrian refugees in Turkey by numerous fake news stories as it is not difficult to find people who are ready to believe these fabricated stories without any further research.

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