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Here's your weekly brief covering this week's migration-related developments and stories in and around Turkey. (Brief 28.)

By Y. Emre Küçükkaya, Visiting Research Fellow, Glasgow Caledonian University

4 Refugees Frozen to Death on the Turkish-Greek Border
As the winter season wears up, millions of refugees all around the world face drastic weather conditions. Yet, the tragedy occurred on the Turkish-Greek border can never be explained through weather conditions as the four refugees froze to death earlier this week in Turkey. Anadolu Agency, Turkey's public broadcaster, says that four of the death bodies have separately been found in different villages in the province Edirne adjacent to the Greek border. An Afghan migrant, lucky enough to remain alive, told that Greece was sending them back to Turkey via small boats on the Maritsa river, the New York Times reports. While the Greek authorities deny the allegations, the locals have some other things to say and the UNHCR previously warned Athens of forced returns. (Given the sensitivity of the tragic issue, though, it is very essential not to make specific accusations without evidence at this stage)

Denmark plans to isolate 'unwanted' migrants on remote island (CNN):
"Denmark's government has struck a deal to move "unwanted" migrants to a remote uninhabited island once used for contagious animals. As part of a growing anti-immigration agenda, Danish immigration minister Inger Støjberg, of the center-right Venstre party, wrote on Facebook that certain people are unwanted and they will feel it. The controversial deal is part of a new finance bill for 2019 agreed between the center-right government and the Danish People's Party (DPP), a populist right-wing party with anti-immigration policies.

-ICMPD: "Assessing the Development Displacement Nexus in Turkey", A Comprehensive Report by Fulya Memisoglu
-The Guardian: 'Dark day': migrant rescue ship Aquarius ends operations
-Reuters: France and Germany, soften demands on EU hosting refugees
-IMISCOE: IMISCOE PhD Summer School, 9-14 June 2019, will be held in Istanbul (co-organized by the University of Gothenburg and the Association of Migration Research, the GAR)
-Culinary Backstreets: Helping Refugees Become Food Entrepreneurs in Istanbul
-UNHCR: As medical costs rise, Syrian refugees put health at risk
-"Becoming a refugee. A life-course approach to migration under duress" by Anja Weiß (Article)
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